THORChain’s security depends on MCP and incentives. In this post I’m laying out my thoughts on the security of THORChain network. I challenge the likelihood of an economically rational attack with an end goal of re-discovering for myself the bonded/pooled safety threshold

THORChain in a nutshell (doesn’t makes sense but…

To wash away any skepticism from the very beginning i want to start off quoting Zaki Manian who calls Avalanche the “last breakthrough in consensus algorithms”

If you have been involved in crypto there is good chance you have seen the triangle below known as the blockchain scaling trilemma

Blockchain Scaling Trilemma

Arguably, the most important success measure of THORChain is how productive the circulating Rune is. In this post I will visualize the productive Rune vs Speculative Rune.

What you see below is the current supply breakdown of all Rune that will ever exist. …

Cost of Production

Meter uses dynamic block rewards to achieve stable cost of production.

Moore’s Law says the amount of energy needed for the same amount of hash power drops by half every 18 months (= 540 days). …

Can Gurel


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